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Harvesting Technology LLC is a group of like-minded individuals, seeking innovative ways to save the planet for our future generations. We are developing solutions to the world's food and energy needs through science and practicality. These innovative solutions will create needed feed products, as well as energy options, that will be sustainable and profitable.

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Harvesting Technology’s CoProMax™ Ethanol Coproduct Recovery Process

The CoProMax™ process focuses on improving the capture, yield and value of the coproducts available from ethanol production. This approach to maximizing coproducts value can provide significant additional income from every gallon of ethanol produced, as well as providing significant energy savings and carbon intensity gains.

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CoProMax™ System Coproducts

value added with CKFiber™, CoProMax™ and more DCO




High Protein Distillers Grain

Process Development Milestones

  • 2013
    Established and funded a working relationship with Dr. Aicardo Roa and Soil Net™ Labs
  • 2014
    Soil Net Lab scale testing executed and completed
  • 2015
    Soil Net Patent issued: Separation of Biocomponents from DDGS
  • 2016
    Successful Pilot Scale Demonstration at an Illinois Ethanol Plant
  • 2017
    Soil Net Patent Issued: Separation of Biocomponents from Whole Stillage
  • 2018
    Successful Demonstration facility at Adkins Energy in Lena, IL. Secured lifetime exclusive license for patents and FTO
  • 2019
    Finalized testing and secured scale up licensing agreements. Established path to commercial viability

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